Our Soap

Honeoye Remedies believes in the power of natural products and the true benefits it can bring to your skin health and overall well-being. Which is why we are happy to offer our all-natural Manuka Honey Infused Soaps. Honeoye Remedies soaps are small-batch and handmade using the cold process method that retains the natural glycerin.

All soaps are made with pure New Zealand Manuka Honey (MGO 550+) to deliver amazing results for your skin, delivering the prominent benefits of Manuka Honey; anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, highly moisturizing, balances your skin pH and much more!

Revive and Renew

Revive & Renew (Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil)

Unmatched anti-inflammatory soap to revive & renew your skin’s natural moisture. The purifying tea tree oil this soap features will leave you feeling and smelling like you just left the spa. Yes- please!

Soothe and Soften

Soothe & Soften (Manuka Honey)

Your skin will love how the Soothe & Soften Soap will promote natural moisture, soothe, soften, and purify. This soap has a light and natural smell to it.

Hydrate and Exfoliate

Hydrate & Exfoliate (Manuka Honey + Goat Milk + Oatmeal)

This soap is perfect for sensitive skin and will give your skin the natural exfoliation it needs. Goats Milk has become the holy grail for healthy skin as it’s packed with vitamins and minerals your skin will love- making this soap a great option for those combating severe dry skin & eczema.