Real Results

Honeoye Remedies skin balm has proven safe and effective in improving the appearance of cuts, scraps and scratches of individuals with sensitive skin.

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I was amazed at how this product helped my daughter’s fresh wound after falling from her swing set. Hours after applying the skin balm, the area started to show signs of healing. After a few days, there were no signs of infection. I wish I would have known about this product sooner. I would highly recommend this to any Mom with active kids!

Sara A.

After searching the internet for a more natural ingredient-based product, I came across Honeoye Remedies skin balm. In comparison to Neosporin, I feel the product worked at a faster rate and more effectively. I recently had a gash the size of a quarter on my shin – I was expecting to have puss and redness. Instead, the product went right to use and dried/cleared up the area within hours. As a result, there was no scarring.

Rachael B.

My son has been battling acne for a few years. I have always been hesitant about natural products – boy was I wrong! After applying a thin layer to his acne prone skin, we saw improvement the next day. The bumps and redness greatly diminished. We now use the product everyday as a proactive measure. Thank you Honeoye Remedies for giving him confidence again.

Devon F.

My determined five-year-old daughter was bound and determined to master the monkey bars to her hands’ detriment.  Her palms had quite a few blisters that just would not heal or heal fast enough for her desire to succeed.  I heard of Honeoye Remedies and decided to try it.  It was easy to apply and had a pleasant smell.  Overnight I was amazed at the healing process that had occurred by using Honeoye Remedies.  I have since used it on both of my children on their skin from anything and everything from bike-fall road rashes and falls to acne.  Honeoye Remedies never has disappointed me.  I have a container in the car, a container in the office and a container at home.  I highly recommend this to my friends and family.

Thank you, Honeoye Remedies, for an all-natural and chemical-free way of protecting/healing my family.

Jill F

Honeoye Remedies Skin Balm is a great product!  A must have for every household!!  It’s natural, organic and quite the versatile product.  I first used it when I burned my finger cooking and was amazed by the instant relief.  There was no pain nor did my finger blister!   I also apply to my lips, crow’s feet, elbows and feet and the results are more than satisfactory.  My skin feels more soft, smooth and I’ve received compliments on my complexion.   Thanks Honeoye Remedies for developing such an amazing, organic product!

Mary C.

Honeoye Remedies Skin Balm and Lip Balm has been a great, all natural, treatment for my children’s sensitive skin and chapped lips.  With winter around the corner, we have used it for healing dry skin on the hands during cold/flu season and to heal lips chapped by hockey!

Jen H.

Great all natural product without all of the extras a lot of other brands put in.  Refreshing earthy aroma.  Makes my skin feel so soft.

Melissa R.