From New Zealand to You

Only a handful of suppliers can guarantee consistent, laboratory-verified, highest quality New Zealand Manuka honey. Honeoye Remedies has partnered with Bees & Trees, a premier Manuka honey producer based in the remote Taranaki region of New Zealand. This partnership provides a direct source of trusted, independently certified, Manuka Honey that has superior purity and activity.


Clean and Green

Founded by Mike Everly while he and his family were living in New Zealand, Bees & Trees was named to reflect the all-natural aspect of their Manuka honey and how it is produced. Bees & Trees carefully tend to their bees to maintain the health and strength of each colony year-round in order to produce an amazing, all natural, health-beneficial Manuka Honey.

Harvested in the remote west-central part of the North Island only accessible by helicopter, Bees & Trees hives are radio frequency (RFID) tagged and tracked via GPS. Their honey is raw and unprocessed – never pasteurized, providing direct “hive-to-jar” Manuka Honey.

To purchase Bees & Trees honey directly or learn more about our Manuka honey partner, visit:

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